Speed testing cheap Banggood Micro SD Cards

At the makerspace we always seem to have a shortage of Micro SD cards for Raspberry Pi’s so I decided to buy some cheap ones from Banggood and test them in the hope that I stumble across one that isn’t terrible speed-wise.

For testing I used Blackmagicdesign Disk Speed Test.

Here’s the results for my 3 recent purchases:

£2.76 2GB – 2GB MicroSD TF Memory Card For RC Quadcopter Camera
Write: 6 MB/s Read: 20 MB/s

£3.21 4GB – 4GB Micro SD TF Secure Digital High Speed Flash Memory Card Class 6
Write: 4 MB/s Read: 16 MB/s

£3.64 8GB – OV Camouflage Version Class 6 8GB SDHC Micro SD Card TF Card For Cellphone
Write: 14 MB/s Read: 22 MB/s

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