We’re very lucky to have access to some excellent equipment and physical space. Here is a list of some of our facilities, we are always updating and improving things and may not get around to updating these photos as quickly as we would like so do come visit us if you are interested!

As of January 2023 large renovation works have been ongoing at the space, affecting both the Makerspace & Shed – We haven’t captured this yet but currently recommend you come for a tour – speak to us in slack for more details!

Here is a video shot by members Carl, Jim and Andy giving a tour of the Makerspace from October 2017!

Social / Main Area


Here’s where most of us hang out and hack on things. We now have much more available desk space.

3D Printers

Tall hypercube printing a skull in case mode.

We have many 3D printers for members to use, and have an active community interested in all aspects of 3D Printing. We currently have three Hypercube Printers and a Wanhao Duplicator 422S available to use, as well as a good selection of different colour and material filaments. One of these printers is an experimental printer for printing large components with a 1mm nozzle.

Laser Cutter

Laser and CNC cut chairs.

The Makerspace owns a HPC LS-3020 CO2 Laser Cutter / Engraver for member use as well as having a good selection of stock material. The Laser can cut sheets just larger than A4, with the depth of cut being dependant on the material chosen. The Laser cutter requires a short training class before use. We also ask for a small donation when using the laser cutter to fund its ongoing maintenance and eventually the option of purchasing a larger laser cutter! We have recently replaced the laser tube, and controller as part of this ongoing maintenance.


New signal generator.

We have almost all the tools you could ever need to work on basic electronics projects, such as soldering irons, multimeters , oscilloscopes, power supplies and even a digital microscope! We also keep stocks of many components and general sundries you may need.


Band Saw

We have access to a well equipped Woodworking workshop, including large and smaller bandsaws, chopsaw, multiple lathes, sanders, drill presses, a morticer and much more.We also have a large stock of timber and sheet materials.


New mill for the metal working shop.

We also have access to a well equipped Metalworking workshop, including horizontal and vertical bandsaws, chopsaw, Myford Super Seven & Lorch Lathes, Milling Machine, drill presses, welders, grinders, sheet metal bender/brake, arbor press and much more. We also have a small stock of scrap material available for members to use on projects.


You can never have too many….


CNC Router

MPCNC new home.

One of our members, Jim, has built a MPCNC (Mostly Printed CNC Machine) which can be used to mill and route out designs on a number of materials. It has since been expanded to increase the machine capacity.



We have access to a small kitchen for member use, stocked with tea, coffee, mugs etc. It also has a dishwasher, microwave and small microwave oven.

Supplies for Making

We’ve started to collate a local list of places that sell supplies that may be relevent to our members, for when you just need that one thing right now…

The link can be found here.