SHA2017 Hacker camp

SHA2017 is a non profit outdoor Hacker camp taking place in The Netherlands in 2017 on August 4th to 8th. MK Maker Space members Jack, Tiff, Michael, Phil and James set off in a car and campervan during the early hours of 3rd August. After a 7 hour ferry ride and several hours of driving we made it to Zeewolde, Netherlands just before dark with just enough time to set up camp.

We had 1Gb internet and electricity available in our tents and 5 days of interesting talks ahead. Much fun was had including a few highlights that come to my (James) mind:

  • Hacking on the bar screen. Displaying BS1363 diagram. 😀
  • Finnish Sauna in the field.
  • LED gaming at night in other villages.
  • Working gameboy backpack.
  • Electric sofa’s and other vehicles speeding around.
  • Cardboard boat race.
  • Tesla coil and flame thrower music synchronisation.
  • SHA 2017 badge.

Here’s all the talks on youtube:

Jacks blog post:


James Photos:

Tiff’s Photos:
Cyanotype chemistry fail!

Jacks Photos: