New Slack Group

We’re testing out a new Slack group as a possible new way for us to collaborate and communicate. It seems pretty popular so far with a lot of discussion happening almost daily. If the google groups mailing list seems a little quiet these days it’s probably because we’re chatting in Slack.

Come help us kick the tyres and join by clicking here and entering your email:

8 Responses to “New Slack Group

  • Andrew
    12 months ago

    Hey guys the invite link is no longer active

    • Yeah I just realised that last night. I’m trying to figure out an alternative. I’ve sent you an invite link. If anyone else wants an invite just post a reply here.

      • micksbiz
        12 months ago

        James yes mate can you send me an invite to Slack I’m a friend of Stewart Dunn – I am terrible at remembering anyone’s name sorry for that I can only remember Paul so maybe I met you down at the club maybe not but id like to chat on Slack with you guys and join the group properly
        many thanks for that my email is
        Michael R

  • Fixed the invite by having a “Slack” button to click.

  • micksbiz
    12 months ago

    ah saw the button but without paid membership i guess i cant get in – is that correct. maybe its best i just show on Monday if i can make it
    Michael R

    • No membership required for Slack 🙂 BTW we’re not open next Monday (bank holiday). Next Wednesday evening (4th Jan) is when we’ll be open.

  • Paul Morgan
    11 months ago

    HI folks’
    Wondering if anyone knows if there is any 3mm threaded rod approx 400mm in length x2 available