New Slack Group

We’re testing out a new Slack group as a possible new way for us to collaborate and communicate. It seems pretty popular so far with a lot of discussion happening almost daily. If the google groups mailing list seems a little quiet these days it’s probably because we’re chatting in Slack.

Come help us kick the tyres and join by clicking here and entering your email:


  1. Andrew says:

    Hey guys the invite link is no longer active

  2. Fixed the invite by having a “Slack” button to click.

  3. micksbiz says:

    ah saw the button but without paid membership i guess i cant get in – is that correct. maybe its best i just show on Monday if i can make it
    Michael R

  4. Paul Morgan says:

    HI folks’
    Wondering if anyone knows if there is any 3mm threaded rod approx 400mm in length x2 available

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