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  • Re: [MK Make] Battery spot welder 17th January 2017
    Yeah, I did look at stripping the parts out of something and making one or the other, but I really just cannot be arsed as I need to make and source arms, welding tips, make/find/steal a suitable case to put it in etc. Probably makes no difference with the AC/DC as is only a very […]
  • Re: [MK Make] Battery spot welder 17th January 2017
    This one claims that it's best to pulse twice : once to clear the oxides and make a deliberately high resistance joint, and a second time to make the proper weld. The version Michael linked also does a double pulse. The more important function of the
  • Re: [MK Make] Lighting 17th January 2017
    We used these. . They are lower wattage - around half, but much more efficient than fluorescent so a similar light output. They are Chinese made, and yes, paid a premium over Ali Express, but at least we

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